Monday, January 4, 2016

Stylish Layering Tips

It has seriously been so cold lately...okay I will admit that my definition of cold probably isn't the same as yours, #californiagirl, but with the chilly weather in mind, today I'm sharing my tips on how to layer your clothing stylishly.

1. Rock a Graphic Tee - When I layer I love being able to see a bit of every layer, but when you see the first layer and it's plain, it can be kind of boring. To solve this dilemma, I love wearing a graphic tee as my first layer. I think it makes a look more fun and it's the perfect way to express your personality. The one I have on has different sayings about the ocean. Totally appropriate right?! 

2. Go for a Pop of Color - When I wear a bunch of layers together that are all in the same neutral color palette, I like to add some sort of pop of color to the look to mix things up. For this outfit, that color was the neon orange on the edge of the jacket. In the past, I've incorporated color through accessories such as a maroon-colored beanie or even a bold berry lip. 

3. Mix up Prints - I think that part of the fun in layering is getting to pair different prints together. For this look, I accomplished this by wearing a striped scarf and a plaid flannel! While I chose to mix prints through using an accessory, you could keep it simple and just wear two different printed tops/sweaters.

I hope these three tips help! Thanks for reading!
xoxo Kendall