Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve OOTN

It's finally the last night of 2014 and I wanted to share my outfit! Since it is super cold I decided to wear a blouse and pants over a dress this year! The outfit is very classy and put together with a touch of fun via the faux fur clutch! Outfit details below...

I hope everyone has a fun NYE and a fabulous start to 2015! I'm so excited to start fresh this year and focus more on my YouTube, blog, etc. Thank you to everyone who supports me, I'm beyond grateful! 

Top: forever 21
Pants: Hudson Jeans
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelets: random 
Clutch: Carlos by Carlos Santana

Comfy Winter OOTD

Yesterday it was colder outside and when I was trying to figure out a warm, cozy outfit that was also stylish, I came up with this cute combination!

This is the perfect outfit for fun winter shopping day or going out to a casual lunch with friends. The sweater is super cozy and paired with a statement necklace, the looks becomes chic. Add your favorite pair of skinny jeans, booties, and a beanie (optional) and you have a great combo! Plus you can always trade out the booties for a cute pair of uggs or snow boots if the weather isn't permitting you to wear booties.

While some of these exact items may not be available, similar ones will be linked below along with the items that are available.


Top: Mine was from JCrew (no longer available) Similar: Nordstrom
Pants: Nordstrom - Hudson Jeans
Booties: Nordstrom BP
Necklace: Mine was from JCrew (similar) Forever 21 - option 1 Forever 21 - option 2
Beanie: Neff

Love you all!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Review

Happy Tuesday!! This morning I was relaxing on my cozy couch thinking of a product to review on my blog and after a few minutes it was clear that the product I must review is the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation!

I had heard great things about this foundation from a few different beauty gurus for months (the line has been out for a while now), but couldn't decide whether to try it out. I tend to be a person of habit especially when I'm already using a product I really like (which was my Clinique Superbalanced Makeup). Then on Christmas Day I opened my stocking to find a bottle of the CG Ready Set Gorgeous and so of course I had to try it out!! While I haven't been using it very long, I am OBSESSED! It is just one of those products where I knew from the first application that it was going to be a new favorite.

The foundation is a medium coverage, but definitely buildable. I have some acne so in those areas I apply a little extra foundation to cover it up. You can definitely sheer it down too if you want a more light coverage. What I really love about this foundation is that it dries matte, leaving the skin looking so smooth. Another plus is that I don't find this foundation to be heavy on the face and in my experience it doesn't get cakey.

For my skin tone which is more of a light beige color (but not super pale) number 115 works perfectly! I know it can be difficult to figure out your color at the drugstore but you can always look at different color swatches online and compare the shades other people are using with their skin tones to your skin tone. Here's a picture in which I was wearing the foundation and swatches of it on the back of my hand.

The first swatch makes the foundation seem like it's maybe not the right color, but when blended in it is perfect for my skin tone and takes away some of the redness of my skin.

I absolutely love this foundation and you really cannot go wrong for the price!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Perfect New Year's Eve Sweater!!

hey lovelies!

So it's almost New Year's Eve and I'm sure many are on the hunt for the perfect outfit that is both cute and comfortable! My mom shared with me some cute finds and I wanted to show you all these two sweaters!

Both are from Express and are sweaters with a sequined front! The first is black and the second is gray. To make these more NYE appropriate, pair them with black leather pants and your favorite pumps! Add a stylish clutch and you have an outfit that is cute, comfy, and perfect for NYE.

Friday, December 26, 2014

December Dress OOTD

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I wanted to share an easy outfit of the day that is perfect for winter days that are a bit warmer! I actually wore this outfit Christmas Eve Day but it is so cute I had to share!

I love wearing dresses in the winter with leggings! So for this look, I paired a dress I got a few years back from Target with a pair of Mossimo black leggings (also from Target). This combo makes the outfit super comfy as well as put together. Then I added my Steve Madden gray boots, an oversized belt from Nordstrom, and one of my favorite cardigans from Nordstrom to complete the look. You can also add some jewelry (I added a necklace) or just play it simple with none.

Where I live the weather doesn't get too cold in the winter, but if you live somewhere where it does, add a longer warm coat with this outfit and a cute beanie and you will have yourself a cute, warm, and stylish outfit!

Love you all!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gift Guide for Her 2014 - (Sister, Friend, Mother, Aunt, etc.)

Happy Thursday!!! With the holidays here and many holiday parties and events already going on, my most recent video (posted yesterday) is a Holiday Gift Guide for all the wonderful girls and women in your lives. With 13 great ideas, I really feel that there is something everyone will like! Plus, quite a few of these items could work as a hostess gift! Below is the video if you want to check it out! I will also post the 13 ideas and their links beneath the video!

My gift ideas (links below):
1. Anthropologie Gold Monogram Mug or Anthropologie Black Monogram Mug w/tea
2. Bkr Bottle
3. Forever 21 socks + gift card
4. Anthropologie Headband 
5. Scarf and gloves 
6. Wooden signs - Primitives by Kathy
7. Neff Beanie
8. Kate Spade Idiom Bangle - Bridesmaid
9. Taylor Swift 1989 Deluxe Album 
10. Brookestone Portable Charger
11. Dream Angels Heavenly Victoria's Secret Perfume
12. Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew 
13. Trend on Ten OPI Mini Nail Polish set


-Anthropologie Gold Monogram Mug
-Anthropologie Black Monogram Mug
-Bkr Bottle
-Forever 21 socks
-Anthropologie headbands
-Scarves (you can get them anywhere, but i love the ones from Nordstrom BP) 
-Wooden Signs
-Neff Daily Beanie
-Kate Spade Bridesmaid Idiom Bangle
-Taylor Swift 1989 Deluxe CD
-Brookestone Portable Charger
-Dream Angels Heavenly Eau de Parfum - Victoria's Secret
-Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew
-Trend on Ten OPI Nail Polish mini set

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Has Arrived!! + Anthropologie Gold Monogram Mugs

So I know I'm a few days past the 1st of December, but Happy DECEMBER! I couldn't be more excited for this month; the holidays are always such a fun time!! I love all the lights and decorations that seem to be everywhere you go and the music really puts me in the spirit of the season!

While I will be doing a video on my favorite small gifts for her (friends, mom, sister, etc), and this item may be included... ;) I wanted to share it here first! It is the Anthropologie Gold Monogram Mug! If you don't know anything about Anthropologie or have never heard of this store, all year long they sell cute black monogrammed mugs that are perfect for hot tea, coffee, or anything else you love to drink. Around Christmas time though, they come out with a gold version that is so dang adorable!! It's perfect for the season (of course you can drink out of it year round too!) and I think it's a super cute gift to give if you are looking to just give someone a little something or maybe add to another gift you are getting them. Either way, I bet they will love it!

These mugs do tend to sell out fast and they didn't have them in the store the other day when I went (they probably have them now), but they are selling them online now! This is what they look like if you want to go pick one up:

Let me know what you think of them!