Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Has Arrived!! + Anthropologie Gold Monogram Mugs

So I know I'm a few days past the 1st of December, but Happy DECEMBER! I couldn't be more excited for this month; the holidays are always such a fun time!! I love all the lights and decorations that seem to be everywhere you go and the music really puts me in the spirit of the season!

While I will be doing a video on my favorite small gifts for her (friends, mom, sister, etc), and this item may be included... ;) I wanted to share it here first! It is the Anthropologie Gold Monogram Mug! If you don't know anything about Anthropologie or have never heard of this store, all year long they sell cute black monogrammed mugs that are perfect for hot tea, coffee, or anything else you love to drink. Around Christmas time though, they come out with a gold version that is so dang adorable!! It's perfect for the season (of course you can drink out of it year round too!) and I think it's a super cute gift to give if you are looking to just give someone a little something or maybe add to another gift you are getting them. Either way, I bet they will love it!

These mugs do tend to sell out fast and they didn't have them in the store the other day when I went (they probably have them now), but they are selling them online now! This is what they look like if you want to go pick one up:

Let me know what you think of them!

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