Sunday, August 17, 2014

Succulents, Shopping & Surroundings

As promised in my last post, I wanted to share with you all some of the cute pictures I took from my shopping day!

I would say I think, but I actually know for certain that we often take the quaintness of the little things & the beauty of our surroundings for granted. In a world where everyone is constantly on the go from sunup to sundown, I challenge everyone to take a step back and admire the true beauty this world has to offer. That's what I did while at this eco-friendly outdoor shopping area (seriously it can be any place) and it made my day. I absolutely adore succulents and seeing the little potted ones, I think I want to try to make some myself.

Also, how cute are these little mail boxes all staggered around each other. I walked past these & they caught my eye (how could they not!). I loved them so much that I made sure to take a picture for myself as well as to share with you all. I like how the differing heights and colors of the mail boxes gives each individual one its own character.

Finally, I had to take some pictures of these parking spaces! It was so cute how each space had its own little saying on it! I parked in the one that said Smile and made me smile lol (totally cheesy i know), but sometimes the littlest things can be the most special, sometimes the littlest things are what makes life so beautiful. 

Take a moment to sit back & relax today! Happy Sunday!

xo Kendall Lynn

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