Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Perfect Cardigan

Hi girls!

I've been so busy the past few weeks and now that I am on a break from school, I couldn't be happier that I am able to focus more on my blog and YouTube channel! With that being said, today I wanted to share with you a clothing item that I have been obsessed with for over a year and that is the Painted Threads Oversized Sheer Knit Cardigan

This is a cardigan that you can wear no matter what season it is and it definitely adds to an outfit, making it more chic. Today I paired it with a nice tank, a pair of Hudson collin skinnies, a chic necklace from Forever 21, and my new favorite Vince Camuto shoes! Often I even wear this cardigan with just a cream cami and pair of jeans; it can be the perfect casual look! For those reasons, I own this cardigan in four different colors and will definitely buy more if they get more colors in the future. Take a look!

While online Nordstrom isn't showing this exact color and doesn't have many left, they still had plenty in my local Nordstrom store, so definitely check out yours! 

xo Kendall Lynn

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