Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer 2015 Nail Polish - My Picks

Lets be real...in the past, I feel like I've worn the same color nail polish the entire Summer, which to be honest, gets really boring. The problem was that I felt all the "Summer" colors out there looked the same. Despite this past dilemma, this Summer I have made the commitment to try to wear more of a variety of colors and recently, I actually have found some uniquely colored nail polishes!

What's great about all these shades is that they are in sets, each with 4 mini nail polishes. Since I never use an entire bottle of polish, these minis are the perfect way to continue to change my polish while not spending a ton of money. Also, if you really like a specific color, they do come in full size versions! 

The first set is the new Hawaii Collection by OPI! These colors scream Summer and my favorite of the set is "That's Hula-rious," which is the pastel green color. 

The second set is called Ooh LaLa and is by Morgan Taylor. I had never heard of this brand until my friend & hairstylist Dana gave this set to me as a gift, but I'm in love! These colors are unlike any I have tried before; they are gorgeous!! Of these four, my favorite is "Postcards from Paris," which is a beautiful aquamarine color!!

Let me know if you try these colors!! 

xoxo Kendall Lynn

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