Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Get Effortless Curls

I absolutely love the look of curled hair! It's a style that is so laid-back, yet put together. Unfortunately, as I'm sure many of you know, achieving the perfect curl can often be difficult and frustrating ~ oh the struggle of being a girl ;) Today, I sharing my steps to achieve effortless curls using Sultra's the Bombshell 1-inch rod curling iron. 

Before jumping into how I create the look, I wanted to let you all know that I've been loving this curling wand! It creates curls that are long-lasting and beautiful. While below I'm sharing a step by step tutorial, if you want a detailed review of the curling wand as well as a video tutorial for this look, scroll to the bottom of this post! Also, I must mention that this product does come with a cute pink glove to protect your hand from being burnt if it hits the curling wand. For this post I didn't use it because it was too difficult when I was touching the camera, but I highly recommend using it!

1. To start, I sectioned off the upper half of my hair and clamped it up using a hair claw. This allowed me to easily be able to separate pieces of hair for curling.

2. Next, it was time to begin the curling process. I sectioned off a portion of my hair that was about 2 inches wide (you could go more or less depending on the thickness of your hair) and brushed it through to make sure there were no tangles.

3. Taking the portion of hair I just brushed in one hand, I then held the curling wand upside down at a slight angle in the other hand. I then placed the wand (the part of it nearest to my hand holding it) close to the roots of my hair.

4. After placing the wand near my roots, I began curling it by wrapping the section of hair around the wand in a spiral fashion and holding the hair in place for 3-8 seconds (depending on how much hair I had wrapped around). If you have thicker hair you may have to hold it slightly longer and if you have thinner hair you may have to hold it slightly less.

5. Once the lower section is completely curled, I sectioned off the upper portion of my hair once again, but this time only kept the right sign of my hair pinned up, leaving the left side down to curl.

6. After the left side of my hair was completely curled, I then took down the rest of my hair and finished curling it all.

7. If you like, you can lightly spray your hair with some hairspray to hold it in place! This is definitely not a necessary step, but sometimes I do it!

I hope you enjoyed this look!
Have you tried a curling wand?! Thanks for reading!
xoxo Kendall 

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