Monday, November 9, 2015

Graphic Tees & Denim Jeans

Some days are just meant for t-shirts. While I think that this is totally acceptable, I'm always looking for more stylish ways to wear these tees, ways that make it look like I tried a little harder on my outfit.  

Today I'm sharing my tips on how to style a tee in a fashion that I rock ALL the time! It is casual, yet put together and totally appropriate for occasions like lunch with friends or running errands. 

My first tip involves the actual t-shirt itself. Since I already have the basic white, black, and gray tees and sometimes get sick of wearing them, lately I've been on the hunt for graphic tees to mix into my wardrobe. I think that they instantly make an outfit more chic (as long as they have the right saying on them!)

Secondly, I believe in pairing at least a few different pieces of jewelry with the look. Doing so can definitely dress up a look and for the minute that it took you to put on the pieces, it is totally worth it. I'm loving this Kendra Scott statement necklace! Usually statement necklaces tend to be shorter so I think this one is unique since its chain is so long. If you want to try out some new fun jewelry pieces like this one, you can get a month of Rocksbox (a monthly jewelry subscription) free with the code beautybykendalllynnxoxo.  

Thirdly, choose a large purse or at least one that makes a statement. I have been using this Dooney & Bourke City Barlow bag a ton lately and it's perfect to pair with a tee because it's simple, yet bold since for a crossbody it's rather big. You could even choose a purse that has a bright color. Bright colors make things instantly fashionable right?! 

Fourthly, I love wearing distressed denim jeans. I think everyone needs a pair in their closet, even though at first buying a pair of jeans that are partly destroyed seems odd. Once you get past that, you will totally understand why I like them so much. They make an outfit a little less plain and a little more edgy. 

Lastly, booties!! I used to be anti-booties (I have no idea why!), but these days I wear them on a weekly basis. With a graphic tee, like in this look, they are totally casual, but like the other items I mentioned, they just make an outfit seem more put together. 

I hope these tips help! It's amazing how you can transform an outfit by throwing on a few extra pieces and making small changes like wearing distressed jeans instead of plain ones. 

Thanks for reading! 
xoxo Kendall 


  1. Love this outfit, so gorgeous! Some great tips for making a simple outfit effortlessly stylish! Thanks for sharing.

    xxxx from Emily at

    1. Thanks girl!! I'm thinking of doing some more posts like this! xx Kendall

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