Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hi lovelies! After using the Wet n Wild Coloricon Tunnel Vision eyeshadow palette for my "Get Ready With Me: Winter Formal 2015" tutorial (see here:, I wanted to do a quick review about it here on the blog! 

To start off, let me say that I knew wet n wild had some decent shadows based off of some prior use, but after using this palette, I gained so much more respect for their shadows! When I swatched them (see further down), I was amazed at how pigmented and smooth they were. The silver eyelid shade shocked me the most with how buttery it was. The other colors didn't let me down either! They are all easy to blend, long-lasting (I used a primer, not sure how long they last without one), and absolutely gorgeous.

I think the concept of this palette is great as well! If you're just getting into makeup or want to learn where to put what color eyeshadows to create the smokey effect, this palette has you covered. The labeling of eyelid, crease, definer, etc. can be very helpful. Though I didn't exactly follow them to create my winter formal look because I am more advanced with makeup application, for others this can be a great feature. I know that I would definitely take advantage of this feature if I was less experienced. 

Here are the swatches! All swatches were done with no primer. These pictures do not do the colors justice. They are so pigmented in person.

The last thing I must say is that if you're interested in this palette and aren't sure whether you should buy it, I say go for it! While I love many products, I don't recommend each one to everyone depending on price and what I think in general about them. This one though is truly worth it. The price is around $3-$4 I believe, making it super affordable. Also, while I cannot be one to say all wet n wild shadows are this great simply because I haven't tried them all, this palette is a winner, especially if you're looking to do a cool toned smokey eye. 

Comment what you think if you have used it! 

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