Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sugarfina - My Latest Obsession!

Calling all you candy addicts out there!! Yesterday I was strolling through Old Town Pasadena when I came across Sugarfina! To start, I will just say that this place really redefines a candy store! Its open layout with white walls and touches of tiffany blue were enough to draw me in and once inside, I didn't want to leave! 

This place is a perfectionist's dream. From how the cubes of candy are placed on the shelves to their cute packaging, I was in visual heaven! I could go on and on about just how beautiful this store is, but lets be real, the candy is really what you're interested in. 

While I only tried a few of the numerous varieties Sugarfina sells, each of them was so delightful. In the end, I purchased the Champagne Bears (which are to die for), but I have a feeling I will be going back very soon to get some more candy, including the yummy Super Sour Hearts!! There really is a candy there for everyone and after seeing the pictures of the store, you will understand why its so hard to choose! Also, I have to say that I was extremely impressed by the customer service! All the employees were so nice, helpful, and patient as I asked question after question about the different candies. What's even better is that Sugarfina gives you individually wrapped samples to assist in the candy selection process! 

I may just have to go eat some of those Champagne Bears now ;) Happy Sunday! 

xoxo Kendall Lynn 

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