Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Palette Collection

Somehow after a three day weekend, the rest of the week seems super long and I don't feel as productive! Does anyone else feel that way?! Anyways, somehow (and I'm still not sure how...) I managed to shoot and edit a new video within the past 24 hours and today I wanted to share it with you here! 

I love watching palette collections on YouTube because they are a great way to not only see someone's collection, but also learn a little about each palette! Feeling inspired, I found all of my palettes and did a collection/mini review video on my YouTube channel! You can click below to watch and also, I will link all the palettes I mentioned at the bottom of this post. 

Palettes Mentioned:

-Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette - Morphe Brushes (only in store now)

Smashbox Masterclass 3 Color & Contour Palette (no longer avail.)

Thank you so much for watching!! A new fashion post will be coming here soon!

xoxo Kendall Lynn

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