Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Mantle Decor

There are so many things that I love about the holidays: the lights, the sense of community, going to my church's Christmas service...I could go on and on. One of the things on this list of many that I wanted to share today is my holiday mantle decor. I believe the fireplace area is a key spot in everyone's home. It's a place where people can gather and spend time with one another during the chilly holiday season. With that being said, I always like to make sure my mantle decorations are just perfect to create more of a festive mood.  

It's hard to find the perfect balance of decorations, but I think I nailed it this year. My style of Christmas decor is more traditional with the reds and greens, but this year I wanted to incorporate more silvers and golds into the mix. The extra shine and glitter just makes everything look more festive (or maybe I just have an obsession with sparkly things!) and I've definitely seen a trend moving towards metallics over the past few holiday seasons. 

I love sitting a wreath on the middle of the mantle because it's something that you wouldn't normally do and it really draws your attention upward from the stockings below. Speaking of stockings, since I personally didn't want hooks hanging from the mantle to hold them, my tip is to use a fireplace screen and hang them from it. To be honest, we rarely use our fireplace, but if you're going to be using yours, you probably want to shy away from this tip. Also, I love pairing little votive candles with larger candle hurricanes on the mantle to bring some other shapes into the overall look. Then I just added a cute snowman and some Christmas signs! I hope this helps if you're looking for a little holiday mantle inspiration! 

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xoxo Kendall 

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